What to look for when you buying vegetables

Buying vegetables isn’t just a simple task. Don’t ever think it’s all about just to reach out to the groceries store and stuff in your bag with the vegetables and then you are all done. Even a grade two student can buy a vegetable but choosing the right ones is the target. Buying right vegetables is an art. Also not to forget that the vegetables you choose are directly inclined to your overall health. Apart from health benefits, choosing the right way of buying vegetables can get you save hugs bucks by the end of a year. So here are few tips one should remember while on a trip to groceries store

  • Fresher in its appearance- Look for the vegetables that are bright in colour. This resembles the freshness and will last longer than the others. If the item wears a dull or whitish colour that it’s clear to understand that they are not fully ripe or deprived of nutrients.
  • Not too hard- Vegetables should be firm but not too hard to touch. Lack of moistness and juiciness will cause the vegetables hard. So the fresher they are the softer they will be.
  • Their aroma- Though you can’t judge all the vegetables by its smell, but this trick works too. Leafy vegetables are particularly fragrant. When you smell, you immediately should feel like they are on your taste buds, but if they don’t smell anything than just of its packaging then they aren’t ready to fill our tummies.
  • Heavier ones are yours!- Go for the ones that are little heavy then others in the basket. As these heavier ones hold more juice and are often fresher. Lighter weights ones are generally dry as they lack the juice and are often not so fresh comparatively.
  • Check for their stems- Yes! If their stems are green rather than brown then it has to be yours as they are fresh.