10 Secrets to properly freezing fruits and vegetables

Have you bought the vegetables this week that are more than needed? Don’t worry, you can always save them from going stale and not let your money on it go waste. The best option for such kind of scenarios is to opt for freezing. Not many know that our food can last more than a month when you know the right freezing methods. Thanks to our freezers for having the power to safeguard the leftovers.

So here are few secrets for properly freezing your food without it letting go waste,
  • Proper equipment’s- there are different varieties of equipment’s needed for freezing different veggies and fruits. So one must know the right material to choose.
  • Temperature- Adjustment of the temperature is what one must know while planning to freeze the food. Depending on the climatic conditions you live in your refrigerator must change its freezing temperature.
  • Arranging- one must learn to arrange them in a proper way so that they are not piled up which again may lead to staling.
  • Prepare for freezing- some fruits and vegetables need to be peeled or cut or washed before freezing. Opt for the right method that is suited for your food to freeze.
  • Prepare from rotting- some fruits when cut turn their colour immediately to brown, in order to avoid such colour turning learn few tips like dipping them in acidulated water before freezing will help.
  • For letting it to freeze quickly one must always learn to not open the freezer often. The more they are disturbed the slower is the cooling.
  • Make sure to remove air from containers and bags when you freeze food in them. This will help food to last much longer and help prevent from frost forming.
  • There are also methods like wet pack freezing for fruits that help them stay even longer than the normal freezing methods.
  • Sometimes you can even opt for vegetable purees, fruit juices freezing in order to save space in your refrigerator.
  • Make sure to label the bags and containers with the date you are letting to freeze in. You might think you will remember but down the lane you tend to forget what is inside it too.