How to choose the healthiest green

Not all the green vegetables are truly green and not all of them can do well for your body. Our newspapers these days are filled with articles related to contamination and their impact on human body. With people growing money minded, there are hardly few who think of growing vegetables in a proper way. Accepting of new methods to grow vegetables faster with use of pesticides is leaving a huge impact on vegetables.

So make sure you choose wise when you have to pick up healthiest greens. Most of the green vegetables are injected with green colour. Not all the vegetables that are green are of natural green, most of them are artificial green.

There are incidents like, leafy vegetables when washed in warm water or even with normal water are often found pale at the end leaving the water take its colour. This means they hold colours that are sprayed on them leading to numerous new diseases and infections. Fruits are artificially ripened, vegetables are artificially coloured. And natural methods of vegetation are dying slowly and gradually.

So, when you are at a groceries store and you have this task to select the right greens then the first basic tip one must remember is, natural green of vegetables is of one colour and the artificial one is of another colour. Understand the difference between these two green colours and there you go on picking which is right and which isn’t.

Hold on the vegetables for few minutes and try rubbing on their upper skin, if they are sprayed and hold unnatural colour they are identifies easily as your fingers start to take their tint.

Choosing the right healthy green is all one must learn these days to keep themselves safe from impurities.